EMS Treatment

Electronic Muscle Stimulation is an advanced technique used world wide for toning, reshaping, and firming the thighs and buttocks and creating the optimal six pack in addition to maintaining muscle definition.

EMS has become increasingly popular over the years with today’s generation relying more heavily on the convenience of technology. What’s great about EMS systems is that they allow you to supplement your regular workout program, without putting stress on your joints, back or neck and shoulders.

EMS works by initiating muscle contraction using electronic impulses. These impulses are generated by a device and transferred through electrodes on the skin in direct proximity to the muscles desired for stimulation. The Couture Body System works by sending minute electrical impulses to the chosen muscle. These impulses copy the message your brain would send to the muscle to make it contract during normal exercise.

Muscle Stimulation systems do not substitute for an overall cardio-vascular workout and a balanced, healthy diet.